Minor Illness Care

When you’re feeling under the weather and can’t wait for an appointment with your primary care doctor, our providers can help you feel better. Brij Health can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications.

Minor Injury Care

From sprains to broken bones and other non-life threatening injuries, Brij Health is a worry-free alternative to the emergency room. The only thing better than the short waits is the attentive care.

Routine Checkup and Yearly Physicals

Whether you have struggled with health issues for years or want to prevent illness, we are here to help by addressing your entire wellbeing. Our team will support you in improving your health, reducing your risk of disease, losing weight, and overall feeling better.

Labs | Xrays | Other Imaging

If you believe you or a loved one needs an Xray or Lab work, schedule an appointment at Brij Health to receive assessment, recommendations, support, and follow-up. In the event of a severe fracture (i.e., bone piercing through the skin), please call 9-1-1 for emergency treatment.

Pre-Travel Consultation

Traveling to a foreign country? We strive to provide complete care for our patients. Our medical staff work collaboratively to ensure that our patients are receiving the personalized, holistic care and treatment if needed. We can help you stay healthy. We strive to provide complete care for our patients.

Occupational | School Health | College Health

We are dedicated to getting your employees back to full duty as soon as possible and keeping your bottom line top of mind. With appointments, we make it as convenient as possible to schedule return-to-work and college admission paperwork review.