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Brij Health provides occupational urgent care health services to individuals and organizations

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When you’re feeling under the weather and can’t wait for an appointment with your primary care doctor, our providers can help you feel better. Brij Health can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications.

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Our tele health appointments provide quality medical care the day you need it – no appointment necessary. Treating your illness or injury is easy and accessible at Brij Health.

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Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure your employees received quality health care services.

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Our goal at Brij Health is to provide quality medical care that is easy and accessible.

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Providing convenient, quality care.

Good Service

I was so touched with how nice and wonderful everyone was. I have had insurance for many years and now I am in school full time and could not afford insurance. Having no insurance and not knowing what to do because you know you need to see a doctor is scary. I came seeking help and I cannot say thank you enough. Financially I am at a low point in my life but once this storm passes I plan to return and volunteer. Again thank you so much it truly is a blessing. God Bless You


Barry Derrickson

Professional Doctors

Their clinical care is outstanding but what really sets them apart is that they truly care about the well-being of their patients. I feel like the team really cares about my personal health and feels invested in my well-being into the future. I have personally witness this service first hand. I hope the community will continue to support your clinic so that you can continue to provide this service. Thank you very much!

Kate Coleman

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